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Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan sport club\'s facilities

Institution name and type

Foolad Mobarakeh  Sepahan club has legal personality which is established according to the non-commercial institution \'s regulations and managed according to the constitution .

Club headquarters

the club headquarters is in Isfahan and the board can transfer it to other places or establish other branches .

Club\'s affairs

- Managing and exploiting of sport club , serving to sport interested and expanding sport facilities overall the country .

- Establishing sport clubs and complexes and providing sport facilities , installations and areas .

- Identifying and training apt resources in all of the sport , championship , instructional and amusing fields .

- Holding local games and readiness camp .

- Participating in all fields of external and local sport games

- Performing sport affairs .


Board of trustees

The board of trustees is consist of 7 legal persons are the members of general assembly and perform duty of this assembly and their positions are as following :

1. Current director of Iran steel company  Mr. Ahmad Harati Nik ( engineer )

2. Current chairman of Isfahan justic administration  Mr.Ansari

3. Current director of Mobarakeh Steel company   Mr. Rajayee ( engineer )

4. Current director of Isfahan Labor and Social Affairs  Organization  Mr. Mandani

5. Current director of Foolad Mobarakeh Human Resources and Organizing

5. Current director of Isfahan Physical Eduaction 

6. Current director of Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan sport club    Mr. Mohammad-Reza Saket  

Board of directors :

The club is managed by board consist of 5 persons who are selected by general assembly .Director of the club is selected by board and also the board choose 1 director of board and 1 vice president among themselves . Also the board choose 1 director of club who has enough experiment and proficiency .

The members of board are as following :

1. Mr. Manoucheh Nikfar : President of board


2. Mr. Hosein Kafami : vice president of board

3. Mr. Mehrzad KHalilian : Managing Director and Member of board


4. Mr. Mohammad Reza Ataei :Member of board





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